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+195% applications (2022 Q4 vs 2021 Q4)

-62% in cost per application (2022 Q4 vs 2021 Q4)

-80% in cost per MQL in 6 months

Funded by Silicon Valley leaders, Songbird is a US-based health startup that specializes in children’s autism care. Balancing local therapist hires and children onboarding is its core growth challenge.


As with every venture-backed startup, Quantads first had to integrate into Songbird’s world quickly and seamlessly to support aggressive growth plans.

Driving a fast-paced acquisition program meant:

- Growing family and therapist revenue

- Improving profitability

- Expanding on audiences, channels & geos

- Owning data end-to-end (infra, tracking, pipelines and reports)

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Songbird fits between demand (kids with autism challenges) and supply (therapists to take care of said children). As a result, Quantads has to adapt media mix constantly according to local needs to ensure sustainable growth.

The agency first started by building a custom, world-class data engine that supports all touchpoints. Based on these real-time data insights, Quantads then optimized media budgets to generate incremental results.

Next, we strategically experimented with all aspects of the performance marketing program to eventually lower cost per lead (and subsequently CAC) by 87% in six months.

Integrating with Songbird’s CRM and field-level teams, Quantads also worked on down-funnel CRO and overall UX/UI efforts to maximize each marketing dollar’s impact.

les succès

Unlocked supply-side constraints

Through structural testing and offer-level optimizations, Quantads grew applications by almost 3x YoY while decreasing cost per qualified application by 23% in a year.

Power supply and demand teams’ BI

Integrated family and therapist data into near real-time, complete yet easy to read dashboards. Internal communications results shortened decision-making and time-to-market efforts.

Increased signups by 165%

Extensively experimented throughout the conversion funnel (including lead form and landing pages) to eventually activate hyperlocal audiences with tailored messages and on-site experiences.

Internally, lots of team members don’t even realize that Quantads is an external agency. They take so much ownership and provide such thoughtful insights it’s hard to imagine they are outside providers

Phil Esterman, cofounder

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