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If you want to reach your market you came to the right place.

Be where it matters. Even in niche channels.

Use the force from all platforms and leverage all strategic opportunities. We identify and activate your top performing ad networks thanks to top-notch expertise on all channels.

Search & shopping
Social Media Advertising
Display & Video

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Further your growth

As soon as the first results come in, we maximize your ads’ impact to increase your lead volumes and/or revenues. These iterations get even sharper by leveraging artificial intelligence tools, leading the way to better targeting, bidding, etc.

Attribution & media mix
Bidding & machine learning
Retargeting, dynamic and prospecting campaigns

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Clear, visual reports

Enough with rigid reports and unactionable data. Quantads’ dashboards enable your business by visualizing and leveraging data with ease. To expand your vision further, we came up with new performance indicators. Your strategy becomes a real gem!

Business-ready data
Agnostic tech stack
Near real-time reports

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“From Google Ads to Tiktok and Instagram, your campaigns only target audiences and channels that perform”

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Brand and GDPR-compliant campaigns

Develop a positive and non-invasive ad experience. Your brand will thank you for it. And so will your audience.