your ads lead the dance in search engines

Search (SEA) & Shopping Ads

So much more than simple text copies.
Trigger the behavior you want.

Your audience. Actioned

Buy your products? Call your services? Download your app? Your audience will quickly answer the call with campaigns that go way beyond media buying. Everything’s planned (even the smallest details) to cause the right action at the right time. At scale, naturally.

It's in the details

Say your goal is to provide qualified prospects to your call center. Our strategy takes opening hours into account and even pivots to a lead generation goal outside those hours.

Maximize your impact

Level up your SEA, several stages at a time. Experiment with what once seemed out of your reach. Enrich users’ experience and receive ad networks’ positive feedback. Build trust thanks to machine learning-powered campaigns.

It's in the details

Say you represent a car dealership. Sales volume is most probably too slim to feed statistical models. So we factor in all quality events along the customer journey. And based on those, we generate additional volumes to build a statistically significant outcome… and a better ROI for you.

Big picture, details included

There’s more to life than Google Ads. But careful, strategies that work on this or that ad network don’t necessarily work elsewhere. That’s why you can trust us not to blindly clone campaigns.

It's in the details

If you can prove ad networks you positively impact their users’ experience, they reward you with a high Quality Score. Which in turns lowers your cost per clic. Turns out we know how to optimize this critical factor.

Augmented persuasion

One tactic: diversifying. We serve several combinations of ad types and extensions. They struck different chords for different audiences. It’s a strategic and psychological question.

Urgency: automated countdowns

Link to key pages highlighting your USPs

Specific offer focus

Map the unknown

Quantads take you where you need to go, even in uncharted territories

Google ads

Amazon Ads

Apple Search Ads

Bing Ads


Accurate bidding

It is possible to pay the right price when you know how to talk to algorithms.


Granular targeting

Quantads predicts your campaign performance levels thanks to its unique databases.


Fish-eye vision

We whisper far-reaching optimizations: landing pages, UX/UI, customer journey, etc. It's on the house.