display your unique power

Display & Video

La puissance du display
Everything you need to be in the spotlight

Set them in motion

Hold your audience’s attention on the apps they use, the blogs they visit and the media that influence them. And observe how they convert according to plan.

It's in the details

To measure your campaigns’ impact, we recommend several angles of attack (always with a cross-channel approach):

Brand and conversion lift studies

Even more detailed tracking to generate more qualified data

View-through conversion implementation, measurement and optimizations

Profitable creative production

Easy to like. Easy to click. Let irresistible creatives generate brand awareness and sales. You can do more than “simply” be seen.

It's in the details

Nothing is more important than aligning creative, media and project teams. From the initial brief to post-campaign retro-analysis. And that includes creative iterations, implementation and performance feedback. With us, your teams’ focal point is that one KPI that drives your business forward. It’s the hallmark of Quantads.

Your data tells you all about it

See the invisible. Every single campaign is the perfect occasion to generate and use more data. You will outgrow your competitors thanks to it.

It's in the details

For example, do you currently target client-based lookalike audiences? We want to experiment by focalizing your seed list onto the ones with the highest average order value. The expected result? Depending on your goal, a stronger brand at a lower cost and / or more sales at a stable, if not higher, ROI.

Ciblage laser de l’inventaire média

On aime quand c’est net et précis.





Cross-channel attribution

Precious insights at the top of the funnel


No harm done

Granular site / app exclusions to avoid negative brand impacts


Business vision

Leads or sales, we look further than "improving brand awareness"