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The plan : becoming unmissable

Find your audience indirectly

Find qualified prospects even on social ad networks that fell below your radar. All this thanks to the precision of our lift tests, the study of your clients’ value or high-caliber targeting that go way beyond remarketing.

It's in the details

Way too often, agencies focus investments on remarketing (i.e. prospects that already know you). Our vision is to find new prospects. To do so, we use all of your data from ad networks, Website, mobile app or CRM. We identify the right audiences faster and focus investments accordingly. This way, we grow your turnover without hurting ROI.

They follow you

But in order to grow, you need more than simple likes and comments. Create ambassadors or buyers according to your strategy. And why not combining them too?

It's in the details

Strategies are automatically adapted to ad networks’ bidding algorithms. An example? A critical error we see too often in B2B is a simple copy paste from Facebook Ads strategy, campaigns and ads onto LinkedIn Ads. Too bad because those two networks are built on totally different bases. One of them focus on the ad quality to target its users. The other one requires you to define the audience first. It’s literally upside down. The results? False negatives and weak performance levels. Knowledge is power.

Reach new heights

Our methodology is designed to generate more value from social ads. By combining smart AB tests and micro event measurement, statistics offer their highest predictability rate. This means you collect all leads or sales you can possibly hope for. No less.

It's in the details

Say you are an eCommerce store specialized in sports apparel. We test your creatives with different themes. For example:

The first creative is product-focused, front and center while the copy discusses technical features.

Another creative is more lifestyle. And the copy is more emotional too.

We then dissect the winning theme based on your goals. And we iterate: onto the next test.

Absolutely all social ad networks

We go where you prospects are. No limits.









Ad rank

Pay less. Earn more. Thanks to quality campaigns actually recognized by ad networks.


Calibrate budgets

Is this campaign relevant? We calculate that and give you the green or red light.


Thumb stopping ads

Appealing creatives from all angles. May the best ad win!