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Cost per ThruPlay divided by 2

"Go to Market" Speed +18%

ThruPlay Rate improved by 24%

In a bid to expand its market and better promote lifestyle and home products, La Redoute used advertising as a market study in Switzerland. The goal was to improve customer knowledge, better understand the average profile of warm prospects... and thus exceed their expectations to capture more online buyers.


La Redoute worked with Quantads to study international markets. The main goal was to improve client knowledge.

Our challenge was to design methodically sound tests, relying on statistically significant data, to properly identify markets and audiences.

With a complete marketing strategy already in place, the goal was threefold:

- give a media dimension to the production of video ads

- improve brand awareness

- identify the most effective messages

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Quantads started by putting in sync La Redoute and its video production agency. We needed to identify strong hypotheses and KPIs to validate those. Once that video brief got refined with a strong methodology, Quantads started media testing.

Media and data teams iterated on tests with multiple constraints: budget, timing, hypotheses, statistical significance, media mix, etc.

Results: Quantads identified the best audiences, products, creatives and messages by validating initial hypotheses (and invalidating some others).

les succès

Merged media and creative strategies

Full alignment between the needs of the La Redoute teams, the production of "snack content" video ads, the data team at Quantads... and the specifics of the advertising networks!

Optimized campaigns using data analysis

The results given to La Redoute were statistically significant with a confidence level above 95%. From the 8 tests (divided into 4 sets of 2 themes), we identified top performers and adjusted campaigns on the fly.

Unlocked incremental, multi-variants tests

Matrix tested several foundational aspects: targeting, persona, channels, etc. positively impacting the entire conversion funnel. Cost per conversion decreased by 31%.

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